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Marvel Super War APK + OBB Download for Android

Marvel Super War APK + OBB 3.17.4 Download for Android

Update On July 15, 2022
MOD Features No
Category MOBA Games
Size 1.9G
Version 3.17.4
Requires Android 5.0
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Do you love heroes from Marvel studios? If so, download Marvel Super War – To enjoy the fascinating and dramatic tactical battles between super warriors. The MOD version of this game will be available soon, but first of all, you can download it using the APK link at the end of the article.

Note: You can join games of the same genre as Marvel Duel or Zooba at the website

Introduce about Marvel Super War

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Marvel’s series is one of the best-selling films not only in the US but also in many other countries. The content of the film revolves around the story of warrior heroes, typically Iron Man, Thor, Captain, Black Window, and the battles between them and the evil forces. Because of the popularity of this series, many game publishers have exploited it for their titles. Among them, the most typical is Marvel Super War, a product from publisher NetEase, which was released in India and some countries in Southeast Asia.


Basically, Marvel Super War belongs to the Moba and MCU game genre with classic 5 & 5 strategy battles. Players will start by choosing one of the characters from the Marvel universe, then join the battle with 4 teammates and fight with the opponent’s squad to win. The map of the match consists of 3 main parts: Mid, Top, and Bottom. Besides, the forest part including the monsters and resources is also extremely important.

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Marvel Super War is a game for many people, meaning you will not fight alone but need to coordinate with other teammates. As long as one person on the team gives up, your team will inevitably lose quickly. Besides, the “main house” is an important base that every player must strive to protect. If the “main house” is destroyed, your team will lose. In the process of defending the stronghold, battles were inevitable. Therefore, please try to show all your skills to show your strength and wisdom.


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The control system of the game is no different from previous games of the same type. On the left side of the screen is still a set of multi-dimensional keys to control the character’s movement. Meanwhile, in the lower right corner of the screen, there are some basic character skills buttons including basic attacks and 3 main skills. In addition, there are also a number of small function buttons nearby that assist the character in the process of fighting. Note, any skill takes time. Therefore, consider using them in a reasonable and optimal way.

Character system

Join Marvel Super War, players will meet the most familiar characters in the Marvel series. They are divided into many different classes including mage, gladiator, gunner, jungle. Typically, Scarlet Witch is a mid-lane, while Thor is always the first choice to play the role of Top lane. In addition, Black Window is a nimble assassin, and supporters like Groot and Rocket will be a great choice to protect the gunner.

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What’s even more special is that the Avengers and X-men are now in the same house. Therefore, this will be a good opportunity for you to compare their strength while discovering ways to combine them to create a great lineup. Note, the strongest characters do not make for a perfect lineup, but a lineup of characters with good support for each other can create an easy victory.


Marvel Super War owns a beautiful 3D graphics platform, very detailed in-game visuals, and extremely vivid combat effects. The characters are described as quite sharp in appearance and gestures and actions, making them look no different from real superheroes of the Marvel universe.

In particular, I am quite impressed with the effects every time the character develops a skill. You will see beautiful virtual lights, and accompanied by the vivid sound of the character’s voices and skills. However, to fully enjoy the graphics quality of this game, players need to own a device with a high enough configuration.

How to install Marvel Super War

Step 1. Download Marvel Super War (MOD & APK) version.

Step 2. Click on the game and select “Install”.

Step 3. After the installation is completed, you can see the game icon appear on the main screen. Then just click on it to launch and enjoy the game.

Note: If the setting fails, please check if there is another version of the game existing on the device. If it does, remove it and do the reset from scratch. If there is anything else, please comment below to get our early feedback.

Download Marvel Super War APK for Android

Although it is a new game, Marvel Super War still proves its appeal can overwhelm old MOBA games. From the storyline, the characters to the fiery tactical battles, the game did quite well. At the same time, its graphics are also excellent meeting every gamer’s need for a MOBA game. However, at present, this game is still incomplete and there are some shortcomings such as there is no costume system for the character, character skills are not really diverse. So please wait for the updates in the near future.

MOD Features:

  • Coming Soon

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