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Pencarian Cepat šŸ’”

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● New Base Updated to
● Calls Privacy
● Audio To Voice Note
● Movable BombText
● Multi Account
● Reaction Message
● Typing Message Translator
● Separate Group And Chat
● Change Language
● Send Document UP To 1GB
● Send Audio UP To 100MB
● HD Videos Quality
● Change Style WhatsApp By WA OFFICIAL
● Enable Play Audio Outside Conversation
● Enable Play And Pause VoiceNote
● Enable Privacy "My Contact, Except..."
● Enable New Style Pen
● Remove Recent Emoji
● View Once Disable -  šŸ˜ you can view any media file unlimited times instead of onec. 
● Enabled All hidden features..
● Same as stock whatsapp
● Enable broadcast icon on broadcast  msg
● Added Delete Icon šŸš«  [ Status and Msg ]
● All types of privacy included.(hide last seen,hide status view,blue tick,double tick,typing,anti revoke, hide status view,BOR).
● Status Downloading
● SMS verification fixed.

Official Package

Clone Package

Mungkin ketidaksempurnaan kita yang membuat kita begitu sempurna satu sama lain.Cinta adalah ruang dan waktu yang diukur oleh hati.Cinta terdiri dari satu jiwa yang menghuni dua tubuh.Kamu mungkin me…

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