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Download WAiOS WhatsApp v1.870 APK (iOS WhatsApp)

Download WAiOS WhatsApp v1.870 APK (iOS WhatsApp)
WAIS WhatsApp v1.870 APK

Download WAiOS WhatsApp v1.870 APK (iOS WhatsApp)

Features of Wais WhatsApp :

  • New home ui like iOS
  • New settings ui like iOS
  • New chat screen like iOS
  • Custom badge chat
  • Dialer for unsave number
  • New chat with contact
  • Click Edit for show actions menu
  • Create icon for show list menu
  • Long click create icon for dnd mode
  • Open hidden chat scroll home and click Chats
  • Long click camera status for Video Splitter
  • Long click pencil icon for show your status
  • Custom status
  • Bom Ping
  • Text fancy creations
  • More fonts inside
  • Voice Changer
  • Custom Toast view status,change profile and online
  • Dot online with custom color
  • Back to default ui whatsapp
  • Forward message up to 150 people
  • Combo mode
  • Icon Changer
  • List configurations
  • Quick Contact configurations
  • and many more

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